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What are example applications for AroundVision ... ?

AroundVision is designed as a overall technological leap for the whole video surveillance and monitoring market place.  From the basic home user just having fun,  to the professional user wanting 360 degree enhanced Field of View for real security needs. Save Money: Increase coverage  using fewer cameras. No moving parts means No mechanical maintenance. Applications requiring the full 360 degree field of view will become mainstream as this technology leaps into the collective consciousness of the market place. AroundVision Software is now available for high resolution professional 360 degree cameras systems.

How do you make a 360 Panoramic Movie....?


Setup the Plastic Mirror Tube 

Place web cam in holder and insert in tube. Aim Cam at center of Mirror while watching the applications centering monitor.

Fine tune Center the Image on Mirror  with software:

  1. Left click and drag the center green circle over camera's lens center.

  2. Left click and drag the small square handles to adjust the viewing area.

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What is the difference between the plastic mirror tube vs. the Glass mirror tube?

The Glass mirror provides a cylindrical panorama and has superior surface quality,  +&- 50 vertical field of view, and a deeper depth of focus is required. Generally, a good lens system available in high end digital cameras and camcorders is required to accommodate the deeper depth of focus. The mirror uses step rings to attach to the camera.

Glass Movie Example

The Plastic mirror provides a cylindrical panorama and has an economical surface quality,  +70 -20 vertical field of view (reversible ),  Generally, a cheap lens system may be used because the depth of the mirror is minimized to approx one inch. A good camera may be used as well. 

Plastic Movie Example

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How do I save capture archive upload and view photos?

The AroundVision software application captures and saves photos via easy to use menus:

Press the [ Snapshot ] menu item to capture and save a photo to the local archive; to view your captured photos click [Archive] [Local Archive] [Open Folder].

Press the  [Archive] [ Motion Capture ] [start] menu item to capture and save motion detected photos to the local archive; to view your captured photos click [Archive] [Local Archive] [Open Folder]. Click [Motion Sensitivity] to change the motion detect sensitivity trigger level; adjust via the slide control and status bar indicators.

Press the [Archive]  [ FTP ] [Settings] [Start] menu item to capture and save motion detected photos to your own online archive; to view your online captured photos click [Online Archive] [Motion Album].


You must setup your own ftp web-server account.

host address / ftp user id / and password (example shown).

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What is the curve in the picture...?

AroundVision  is a cylindrical panorama displayed linearly on a continuous flat display. The curve is a true proportional representation that we are not use to observing with our OEM vision. Our eyes and brain normally reinterpret the everyday cylindrical FOV into a limited flat square frame. The image  is designed to be proportional from approx 2 feet to infinity; you will notice "extra curving" in the near field as with a normal camera focus at infinity.

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Activate License

  1. Press Activate Button

  2. Send Email with your lock codes ( example numbers in red box)

  3. AroundVision returns Unlock Codes in 24 hrs (  example numbers in white box )

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Remove License If you update your PC or Transfer to a new PC.

  1. Select remove license check box. (see above)

  2. Manually email your remove code. ( example numbers in red box)

  3. AroundVision returns re-Activation  Key in 24 hrs.

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AroundVision Accesories. ?

  • Suggested USB Cams

CONTACT AROUNDVISION for Web-Cam and Camera Information

  • Suggested USB Cable Extenders

Super USB Extender

  • Suggested USB Capture Devices

WinTV-USB2  USB 2.0

WinTV-USB    USB 1.1 or USB 2.0

  • Suggested PCI Capture Devices

WIN TV-GO-FM  Single composite video

IMPACT VCB  Multiple composite video 

  •   Suggested TRI-PODS

Amvona  Table top and Compact

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Who is AroundVision... ?

AroundVision is a product brand name by Z-Truth Company LLC. Z-Truth Company LLC is a privately owned limited liability corporation registered in April 2006 who's mission is to supply life enhancing,  easy to use, innovated software and hardware to the personal computer market. 


Contact: President
Z-Truth Company LLC

AroundVision is 360� Digital Imaging . Start Seeing the Whole Picture!

Lancaster, PA, 11-01-2006 - Z-Truth Company LLC announces its AroundVision 360 Degree Video product is slated for unveiling November 2006.

This Amazing Digital Photography Product  is Cutting Edge Technology using Software and Hardware ( parabolic mirror) to create 360� Real-time Video and Panoramic Still Photos on your PC. 

AroundVision works using  Universal  Adapter mounts for USB Web-cams, VHS Camcorders, CCTV, NSTC, Digital  Cameras and Capture Cards that you already own!  Just center aim on to the 360� mirror and you are ready to see the whole 360 picture!

Initial AroundVideo Features include: Zoom, Motion Detection; Archiving captured 360 photos; FTPing captured 360 photos, Software Mirror adjustments. 

AroundVideo is web enabled! You can remotely monitor your house from anywhere in any web browser - no plug-ins required! Imagine you can   check your house on your pocket pc at the the shore; or at the local Star Bucks or from Work . Plus see the whole house or yard; not just a small field of view as you would see with a normal camera.

The Software and Mirror-Tube Hardware sell for less than 100 bucks. You may view a screen shot on the web site.

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